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Like any other business, customer feedback is the most important thing we can gather, and potentially use.

Be it a static page, an E-Commerce site, or a blog, knowing what your visitors think and feel about you is of upmost importance.

Scouring web resources like Quora and Reddit to find out how your target market perceives you is old-school. We can do better.

For our and your needs, we developed CustVoice. It allows us to easily gather the valuable feedback we need in order to grow our business.

Simple to install, onboard, and use, it's the perfect solution to solve our feedback problem.

Nikola profile photo Nikola Stojkov
Founder, CustVoice

Use cases

Powerful Dashboard

Have everything on your fingertips; Get an overview on all of your sites and survey data.

Customize it to only view the things important to your business.

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We play nicely with other apps. Easily connect your workflows with other apps using CustVoice Actions.

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Answer-Based Workflows

Step away from regular flows and introduce CustVoice Workflows to your survey. Ask questions based on previous answers and segment your replies as such.

Customer data screen

Apply for an open beta.

CustVoice is in closed Beta, and we're looking for companies to test out our platform and give valuable feedback before we release it to the public.

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